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Refrigeration Solutions Available Nationwide

DDREF provides industrial refrigeration systems to businesses involved in food production, food distribution, pharmaceuticals, warehouse storage, and more nationwide. From design to installation to maintenance, our technicians will cover all your refrigeration system needs. We can determine if a new installation is the way to go or if it would be more practical to retrofit an old system. We mainly work with two common refrigeration systems: Ammonia and CO2.

Ammonia Refrigeration Is Used In:

  • College campus dorm room AC
  • Airports
  • Large office buildings
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals & clinics

CO2 Refrigeration Is Used In:

  • Food & Beverage Industry
    • Produce
    • Dairy
    • Fish, Meat, Seafood
    • Processed Foods
    • Pharmaceuticals
  • Food Distribution
    • Refrigerated Trucking

Industrial Refrigeration Systems can be found in:

Blast Chilling & Freezing Systems

Blast freezers shorten the amount of time foods are exposed to damaging temperatures. This helps reduce the risk of bacteria developing and spoiling the food. Blast chilling also helps preserve freshness and flavor. Blast freezing is most important for perishable food merchandise. Our team of industrial refrigeration engineers can design a custom walk-in blast chilling storage system for your business.

Common Blast Freezing applications:

  • -      Ice cream storage
  • -      Prepared meal services
  • -      Produce preservation
  • -      Meat & Seafood preservation
  • -      Commercial kitchens