Industrial refrigeration system design

We design cost-conscious, efficient industrial refrigeration systems.

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Installation of refrigeration components for industry in Wisconsin

Installation of industrial ammonia and CO2 refrigeration systems.

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Insulation panels properly installed to maximize refrigeration temperatures Insulation Panels

Intelligent installation of insulated panels keep your products cooled efficiently.

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Wisconsin pipefitters for industrial and commercial refrigeration systems

Pipefitting services for industrial refrigeration systems.

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Custom Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Does your world revolve around refrigeration? If you operate a cold storage warehouse or are involved in the production of food, it does.

Refrigeration is a highly specialized trade. Don’t trust your livelihood, bottom line or reputation to amateurs. The Discovery Designs Refrigeration Team has the experience to keep your system running reliably.

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  1.   Meticulous design & installation
  2.   Precision temperature control
  3.   Uninterrupted high performance
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Discovery Designs Refrigeration services:

High-Quality Cutting Edge Systems in Multiple Sectors of Refrigeration Industry

For over 20 years, Discovery Designs Refrigeration has been a leader in the design and installation of industrial refrigeration systems.

Our refrigeration professionals provide solutions for many different industrial facilities:

  • Food processing manufacturers
  • Food distribution centers
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • ...and many, many more

Our focus is entirely on custom refrigeration systems. Refrigeration is all we do—every day. We have designed, constructed and serviced systems ranging from a couple of ounces of refrigerant to over 100,000 pounds of charge. We have never built the same system twice. Our versatility and exposure to a wide array of refrigeration applications mean we have the tools and experience necessary to build refrigeration systems to your exact specifications.

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Industrial Cold Storage

Ammonia and CO2 Refrigeration Systems

As environmental awareness has risen in the early 21st century, CO2 refrigeration systems have gained popularity as a safer alternative to Freon systems, which may be harmful to the environment.

Contact our refrigeration experts for more information on the differences between ammonia, CO2 and Freon refrigeration systems, and what refrigerant makes the most sense for you.

Compare ammonia refrigerant systems & CO2 refrigerant systems.

Reputable. Trustworthy. Knowledgeable. Efficient. Discovery Designs Refrigeration makes the process of designing industrial refrigeration systems smooth and cool.

We know industrial refrigeration systems. It’s all we do. Get in touch with our industrial refrigeration contractors today for more information. 


We work with these certified organizations to ensure you receive the very best services in industrial refrigeration:

Industrial Refrigeration Consortium Industrial refrigerants for saleInternational Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration  International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses

Industrial refrigeration compressors for sale CO2 refrigerator systems for sale  Industrial ammonia refrigeration systems



Contact our industrial refrigeration experts today.

Industrial Refrigeration System Designers & Installers with Experience in:

Ammonia Cascade Systems Ammonia Chillers
Carbon Dioxide Cascade Systems Carbon Dioxide Chillers
Carbon Dioxide Subcritical Systems Carbon Dioxide Transcritical Systems
CO2 Cascade Systems CO2 Chillers
CO2 Subcritical Systems CO2 Transcritical Systems
NH3 Cascade Systems NH3 Chillers
R-717 Cascade Systems R-717 Chillers
R-744 Cascade Systems R-744 Chillers
R-744 Subcritical Systems R-744 Transcritical Systems
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