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Commercial Refrigeration Coils

Expert Manufacturers of Discovery Designs’ Industrial Refrigeration CoilsCommercial Refrigeration Coil Manufacturers

When it comes to industrial refrigerators, one of the most important aspects of the refrigeration systems are the evaporator coils. Coils are necessary components in a refrigeration unit since they absorb heat when warmer air passes through, and the coils help maintain the cool interior of an industrial cold storage unit. Industrial coils are often made of tubes composed of copper, aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel to help combat corrosion.

The professional refrigerator designers at Discovery Design Refrigeration uses only the best coil manufacturers for our industrial cold storage units. We ensure all our refrigeration parts and components are 100% up to standard and will fulfill all your refrigeration needs.   


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Industrial Refrigeration Parts and Components from the Professionals

All of Discovery Design Refrigeration’s manufactured parts are guaranteed to offer quality, safety and performance excellence in all our industrial units. The quality of all our manufacturers’ coils and components will ensure our refrigeration units will work optimally for years down the road. 

We design, construct and install components for many types of refrigeration units, including:

When you need an industrial refrigeration unit built by the best in the business, call Discovery Designs Refrigeration today and get a quote for your next project.

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Discovery Designs Refrigeration trusts these leading manufacturers in refrigeration coils

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