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Custom Ammonia & CO2 Systems

Discovery Designs Refrigeration is the leading industrial refrigeration systems installer in the Midwest. We are industrial refrigeration specialists with decades of experience designing and installing complex refrigeration systems. As a nationwide leader in refrigeration systems design and installation, Discover Designs Refrigeration is the clear choice for businesses looking to bring their ideal refrigeration system to reality, on time and at budget.

Why Choose Discovery Designs for Industrial Refrigeration Systems?

  1.   Meticulous design & installation
  2.   Precision temperature control
  3.   Uninterrupted high performance
Custom Refrigeration System Design Quote

Discovery Designs Refrigeration is a nationwide leader in industrial refrigeration system design and installation with decades of experience and a proven track record of success. We provide dependable service, transparent pricing, and unbeatable results. We’ll work with you to fully understand your refrigeration needs and design a system for maximum efficiency, considering your location, climate, and applications.

Custom Refrigeration Systems Designed for Your Needs

There is no cookie-cutter design for industrial refrigeration systems. In over 20 years of servicing the Midwest and beyond, we have never built the same refrigeration system twice. The system you need depends entirely on your facility. Our Industrial Refrigeration Design Specialists understand you need seasoned, creative, and cost-conscious solutions. We have the expertise to design and install effective chillers, cold storage, and blast chilling at a low price to optimize the efficiency of your operation.

Major food processing and manufacturing plants, bulk refrigerated goods distributors, and pharmaceutical companies around North America trust Discovery Designs Refrigeration to design and install highly effective and reliable custom industrial refrigeration systems.

Reliable, Cost Effective Refrigeration Equipment Installation

Design, construction, and installation of industrial refrigeration systems is an enormous undertaking. You need a true authority in industrial refrigeration systems to install cost-effective, cutting-edge, and reliable refrigeration systems that keep the product at the proper temperature around the clock.

Discovery Designs Refrigeration has a proven track record of success in installing complex industrial refrigeration systems and is the trusted choice for businesses that demand nothing but the best. Contact us for expert industrial refrigeration equipment installation services.

Compare ammonia refrigerant systems & CO2 refrigerant systems.

Proven Refrigeration Equipment Retrofitting

Discover Designs Refrigeration is a nationwide leader in industrial refrigeration equipment retrofitting. With new laws and regulations limiting the use of environmentally adverse refrigerants, companies are upgrading and retrofitting their refrigeration systems to be CO2 and Ammonia-based. If your business has an old refrigeration system in constant need of repairs or uses harmful refrigerants like HFC-134a, contact Discover Designs to discuss your retrofitting options. Our team of expert refrigeration engineers will walk you through all the modern technologies available on the market and explain the most efficient ways to complete the retrofitting.

Industrial Refrigeration Systems We Offer

Industrial refrigeration system with chillers

Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

Ammonia is the leading refrigerant in the food preservation industry and others for its low material price, energy efficiency, and environmentally friendly chemical composition. Our qualified team can design and install any sized ammonia refrigeration system, regardless of complexity. We can handle all your ammonia refrigeration needs, including design and installation as well as supplying ammonia refrigerant products and services. When you need ammonia refrigeration services, contact Discover Designs so it gets done right.

CO2 Refrigeration Systems

Discovery Designs Refrigeration provides design and installation services for industrial CO2 refrigeration systems. As more and more companies switch from HFCs and CFCs industrial refrigerants, CO2 has begun to rise in popularity as an environmentally friendly refrigerant. Our team has the capabilities and experience to design and install complex CO2 refrigeration systems custom-built for your facility and for your exact needs. Contact us to discuss your facility's needs with a free quote!

Common Industrial Refrigeration Equipment We Install

Complete Your Custom Refrigeration System with Pipefitting from the Pros

Custom industrial refrigeration systems demand tailored piping configurations to streamline the cooling process, ensuring precise temperature control for cold storage applications while maximizing cost-efficiency. The expert pipefitters at Discovery Designs Refrigeration have the experience and expertise to connect all the moving parts in a highly complex CO2 or ammonia industrial refrigeration system.

Whether you need piping in steel, stainless steel, ABS, copper, or pipe insulation, the professional pipefitters at Discovery Designs will meticulously install it for dependable use. Contact Discover Design Refrigeration for professional pipe fitting services that get your custom refrigeration system working and active as soon as possible.

Industries We Provide Refrigeration Systems

Providing Industrial Refrigeration Systems to Companies Midwest-Wide

For over 20 years, Discovery Designs Refrigeration has provided comprehensive industrial refrigeration services across the Midwest, including in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kentucky, Kansas, Minnesota, Ohio, and Michigan.

Stick with the Best and Save

Stop wasting time and money contracting fringe service providers who have never seen anything like your custom refrigeration system. When you work with Discovery Designs Refrigeration, you get experts who know each individual component of your unit and understand the system backward and forward.

Contact industrial refrigeration specialists at Discovery Designs Refrigeration for installation of custom industrial refrigeration systems.