Sports Complexes

Ice rinks and sports complexes used for skating and playing hockey function with the use of a refrigeration system. Whether it be in the rink itself or in the concession stands selling cold snacks. Many ice rinks have nearly 10 miles of pipe that traverse throughout the rink floor keeping the ice from melting. In concession stands, a refrigeration system is used for blast freezers to function. Blast Freezers reduce the risk of bacteria spreading and spoiling food. 

Blast Freezers can be used for

  • meat preservation
  • ice cream storage
  • increases the shelf life of prepared foods

DDREF installs both CO2 and ammonia refrigeration systems for sports complexes. They each have their own pros and cons that can help you determine which refrigerant system is right for your complex. Contact us and we will consult with you our opinion so you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs.


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