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Industrial Chiller Component Design & Installation

Water-Cooled Chillers and More from DDRef

Discovery Designs Refrigeration is your premier contractor for all industrial chiller needs. We will custom design and installIndustrial chiller design and installation your chiller using professional-grade parts and expert precision, ensuring a chiller that meets your needs for years to come.

What is an Industrial Chiller?

Chillers circulate cooled air or vaporized water through a unit, which chills its contents—hence the name. It takes the warm air in the unit and places it elsewhere (usually outside the facility). 

Professional Chiller Design & Installation

At DDRef, we create and install reliable chillers for long-term success. We know there’s not a cookie-cutter design for industrial refrigeration systems. We custom-make each of our systems to stand the test of time and suit your every need. Our industrial-grade chillers can be used in almost any industry, including:

  1.   Meticulous design & installation
  2.   Precision temperature control
  3.   Uninterrupted high performance
Ammonia chiller contractor

Wisconsin Refrigeration Experts

Discovery Design Refrigeration knows exactly what you need, and how to give it to you. It’s our job. With over two decades of experience in designing, constructing and installing highly-complex systems, we’re proud to offer a seamless, cost-effective service with our commercial ammonia refrigerant chillers. 

Compare the pros and cons of ammonia refrigerant systems and CO2 refrigerant systems.

Don’t waste money on less experienced chiller contractors—you could lose hundreds of thousands in unreliable, indecisive construction. Let us boost your revenue the smart way: with DDRef.

Chiller Installation in the Midwest and Mid-South

Discovery Design Refrigeration is proud to provide chiller installation in the cities of Milwaukee, Madison, Des Moines, Detroit, Nashville, Louisville, Minneapolis, Chicago, Columbus, Kansas City, and more!

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