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Grocery Stores

Every grocery store requires a proper refrigeration system to function. The success of a grocery store hinges on their ability to maintain the freshness of their stock, and the items that require the most attention are fresh meat and produce. Fresh foods must be kept at a suitably cold temperature because it only takes a few hours before they spoil. A reliable refrigeration system for your store is of the utmost importance and our professionals can help you design the perfect system for your business.

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CO2 Refrigeration Systems for Grocery Stores

For grocery stores, we recommend a CO2 refrigeration system. Although there are several pros and cons between CO2 and ammonia, CO2 systems are better suited for industries that require freezers. They have a higher initial cost but are much more efficient for operations that require freezing temperatures. CO2 systems are more environmentally friendly because they do not use up natural gas like ammonia systems. Contact us to get started on your custom-built cold storage system today.