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Hospitals & Clinics

Essential Refrigeration System in Hospitals

Custom-built Ammonia Cooling System for Hospitals

DDREF serves hospitals and other medical centers across the nation with our installation of fully-custom refrigeration systems. Hospitals need reliable and adjustable temperature control options to keep their patients comfortable, their food fresh, and their samples intact. With our experience installing refrigeration systems, we can design a unique system that caters to your specific needs.

When we say our refrigeration systems are custom-made, we mean it! We work with you to meet all of your specifications in a way that is both cost-effective and energy-efficient. Our ammonia-based cooling systems can be designed to reach any number of rooms and are built to last, cutting down on your maintenance costs. They are also much more environmentally friendly than older industrial refrigeration models, so you can rest easy knowing you're helping the planet by letting us install your cooling system!

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