Project Gallery

Check out our gallery featuring some of the refrigeration projects we've done in the past. You'll be able to better understand the size, scope, and exact applications of our industrial refrigeration systems.

We do all our projects for pharmaceutical companies, food processing companies, chemical companies, distributors, and other various cold storage applications.

Industrial Cold Storage Condenser Piping Condenser Piping View More
Industrial Refrigeration System Industrial Refrigeration System View More
Industrial Refrigeration System Piping Wisconsin Industrial Refrigeration System Piping View More
Horizontal Thermosyphon System Cooling Tower Thermosiphon Receiver View More
Industrial Refrigeration Condenser Condenser View More
Industrial Refrigeration System Recirculator Industrial Refrigeration System Recirculator View More
Condenser and Piping for Industrial Refrigeration Condenser and Piping View More
Dairy Machine Room Dairy Machine Room View More
Industrial Cooling System Engine Room Engine Room View More
Network of Refrigeration Piping Network of Refrigeration Piping View More
Ammonia Chiller in Industrial Refrigeration System Ammonia Chiller View More
Industrial Cold Storage System Wisconsin Industrial Cold Storage System View More
Refrigeration Pipefitting Assembly Wisconsin Refrigeration Pipefitting Assembly View More
Pipe Welding Pipe Welding View More
Refrigeration System Piping Refrigeration System Piping View More
Screw Compressor for Industrial Refrigeration System Screw Compressor for Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration View More
King Valve King Valve View More
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