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Discovery Designs Refrigeration LLC is Wisconsin’s go-to contractor for all of your industrial refrigeration needs. We are an outfit of highly experienced, industrial refrigeration specialists that seek to provide you with a high-quality cold storage system for whatever your industrial requirements may be.

Whether you are seeking a custom-designed cold storage system for preserving perishable goods, a new precooling setup for produce preservation, or a top-notch critical process room for pharmaceutical or other scientific research, the experts at Discovery Designs Refrigeration have got you covered.

We build and meticulously design new, state of the art refrigeration systems from the ground up according to each individual client’s standards. Some of our popular services include:

Industrial Refrigeration System Design

When it comes to high-tech industrial refrigeration systems, the design process sets the foundation for the entire setup. There are many factors and variables to take into consideration, and even the slightest of design flaws can have monumental consequences.


With Discovery Designs Refrigeration, your new industrial refrigeration system is:

  • Custom Designed

  • Installed by Discovery Design Refrigeration

  • Compliant with all applicable codes/regulations


Our systems are not “one size fits all” modular configurations intended to be ordered, assembled, and installed like a template. Rather, we take our time with each and every project, and this has allowed us to build a reputation for excellence that our competitors simply can’t compete with.

Industrial Cold Storage System Installation

Even if you have the most efficiently designed industrial cold storage system complete with the highest quality materials and components on the market, the end result is useless if everything is not installed correctly. There are a million different areas where installation can go wrong, and future repair costs to fix these mistakes can be devastating for business owners.

Your new refrigeration setup is a substantial investment, which is why it is essential that you place your trust in a reputable company like Discovery Designs Refrigeration. With over two decades of experience in the refrigeration industry, we install your custom-designed refrigeration system with the highest levels of precision.

Our employees are highly trained professionals that are constantly kept up to date with the latest and newest innovations in industrial cooling technology. We install your new cold storage or freezing system so that everything operates efficiently, is energy efficient, and is built to last. Call us for a custom industrial refrigeration system in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin and anywhere else in the Midwest.

  1.   Meticulous design & installation
  2.   Precision temperature control
  3.   Uninterrupted high performance
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Insulated Refrigeration Panel Installation

Discovery Designs Refrigeration installs insulated refrigeration panels for cold storage and industrial freezing systems. Insulated refrigeration walls are your number one line of defense against the outside temperature. They help keep the cold air in, and warm air out!

Properly installed insulated panels are more environmentally friendly and can save industrial businesses a fortune in annual energy bills. They are the backbone of CO2 and ammonia refrigeration systems for warehouses, dry goods storage, and any other temperature-controlled areas where the outside elements can be a detrimental factor.

In addition, our panels are water-resistant, range in thickness, and can be up to 50’ in length to accommodate large, temperature-controlled warehouses and other buildings. They are weather-resistant, and built to withstand the test of time!

Industrial Refrigeration System Design and Installation

To keep any industrial refrigeration setup operating to its fullest potential, there is a complex system of custom-designed and fitted pipes that control and transport compressed gasses. Discovery Designs Refrigeration’s team of dedicated pipefitters helps to design, install, and maintain these incredibly complex pipe systems to ensure that your industrial refrigeration system remains in tip-top condition.

Blast Freezers

Wisconsin businesses depend on Discovery Designs Refrigeration for top-notch, walk-in food storage freezers and industrial blast freezers meeting their standards for food safety. Our commercial-grade blast chilling systems are individually designed for you and your business and our team of industrial refrigeration technicians represent the best blast chilling system installers in the custom cooling industry.

Ammonia and CO2 Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Ammonia and CO2 are the most common types of commercial coolants for industrial refrigeration systems. Through an intricate system of specially designed pipes, these gasses are compressed, transported, modified, and distributed to create the cool air that your system needs.

Pipes can be thought of as the skeleton of your industrial refrigerator, freezer, or other cold storage systems. Because they are essential, it is important that they only are handled or altered by an outfit of highly trained professionals like the industrial refrigeration specialists at Discovery Designs Refrigeration.

Compare ammonia refrigerant systems & CO2 refrigerant systems.

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