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The Best Compressors for Industrial Refrigeration ApplicationsIndustrial Refrigeration Compressor

High-quality compressors are a necessary part of any industrial refrigeration unit, and the experts at Discovery Designs Refrigeration use only the best compressors from leading manufacturers of industrial refrigeration parts. The companies we use always build their industrial compressors with the highest energy efficiency and reliability, ensuring they are well-suited for all industrial refrigeration applications.

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The types of compressors used for industrial refrigeration units include:

  • Screw compressors use a rotary mechanism to compress refrigerant while reducing energy output. This creates high-pressure gas essential in the industrial refrigeration cycle.
  • Scroll compressors use spiral disks to compress refrigerant within the mechanism, making it a reliable and energy-saving option.
  • Reciprocating compressors use high-powered pistons to compress refrigerant into a cylinder, making it a common choice in both commercial and industrial refrigeration units.
  • Dual screw compressors use leakage flows to power the compressing mechanism, making it a good option for refrigeration applications with good control, reliability, and long life duration.
  • Ammonia compressors are used to compress ammonia refrigerant in industrial ammonia refrigeration applications. These compressors can be screw, scroll, or reciprocating types.
  • CO2 compressors use pressurized mechanisms to compress CO2 refrigerant, designed to resist high working pressure and improve efficiency.

The Most Trusted Names in Refrigeration Compressor Manufacturers

The experts at Discovery Designs Refrigeration use parts from leading manufacturers in the industrial refrigeration industry. We custom design and construct all our cold storage warehouses with the most high-quality compressors for the largest refrigeration applications. Whether you need an ammonia or CO2 refrigeration system, our trusted manufacturers provide only the best parts to help your system last for years to come.


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Discovery Designs Refrigeration trusts these leading manufacturers in refrigeration compressors:

Bitzer  Vilter  Frick  GEA   Sabroe   Mycom

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