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Industrial Blast Freezer Systems

Walk-In Cold Storage and Blast Freezer Installation

Custom Installed Industrial Blast Freezing InstallationDiscovery Designs Refrigeration is your leading contractor for industrial blast chilling/freezing system installation and maintenance services. Our team of experts designs and installs custom-built commercial blast chilling systems for a wide variety of industries.

Sometimes referred to as blast chilling systems, blast freezing, and cooling is a method used for food that needs to be refrigerated quickly to maintain the desired temperature and keep it fresh and safe to consume.

Industrial Blast Chillers Keep Perishable Items Safe

Blast freezers shorten the amount of time foods are exposed to temperatures between 46-68 degrees, reducing the risk of infectious bacteria developing. Blast chilling also helps preserve freshness and flavor, making a custom designed blast chilling system important for perishable food preservation.

Benefits of Blast Freezing Rooms for Cold Storage

High Quality Blast Freezing Rooms will Last for Years

Wisconsin businesses depend on Discovery Designs Refrigeration for top-notch, walk-in food storage freezers and industrial blast freezers meeting their standards for food-safety. Our commercial-grade blast chilling systems are individually designed for you and your business, and our team of industrial refrigeration technicians represent the best blast chilling system installers in the custom cooling industry.

  1.   Meticulous design & installation
  2.   Precision temperature control
  3.   Uninterrupted high performance
Custom Industrial Refrigeration System Quote

Restaurant refrigeration technology is continually improving to help business owners keep their perishable food fresh. The rate at which blast chillers are able to lower foods to the proper temperature makes them much safer than conventional refrigerators, and restaurant owners from all over the country have been quick to take advantage of these cost-effective systems.

We perform routine maintenance work on all our industrial cooling systems, and Discovery Designs Refrigeration makes sure that your blast freezing system is performing at its fullest potential at all times.

CO2 and Ammonia Industrial Refrigeration Services by Discovery Designs Refrigeration

In addition to blast chillers, Discovery Designs Refrigeration performs a wide range of other commercial freezing and refrigeration services and installations.

Compare the pros and cons of ammonia refrigerant systems and CO2 refrigerant systems.

Industrial Refrigeration Services by Discovery Designs Refrigeration

Discovery Designs Refrigeration is your leading provider of professional industrial refrigeration installation, design and consulting. We will assist you every step of the way, and our refrigeration specialists will custom design an industrial freezing and blast cooling system that best fits your needs.

To learn more about Discovery Designs Refrigeration’s custom refrigeration design and blast cooling system services, contact us now!