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Restaurants & Kitchens

Kitchen & Restaurant Cold Storage Solutions

Cold Storage Solutions for Restaurants & Kitchens

DDREF installs industrial refrigeration systems for restaurants and kitchens across the US. We install blast freezers and insulated panels as part of our fully custom refrigeration systems. Our solutions are designed to be as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible, saving you more money in the long run. When it's time to find a company to set up your refrigeration system, we've got you covered.

Every kitchen needs substantial storage space for all of its perishable goods. You could rely on individual refrigerator appliances for a small-scale operation, but a moderate-sized kitchen will most likely require more than what commercial fridges can provide. Freezer rooms can be incredibly space- and energy-efficient if set up properly, meaning more storage capabilities and money in your pocket. Food industries usually feature CO2 refrigeration systems, and we install them using only parts from trusted manufacturers in the industry.

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