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Industrial Data Center Cooling Systems

Custom AC Systems for IT Data Centers

AC Systems for IT Server Rooms

The experts at DDREF are well experienced with installing AC systems for server rooms and data centers. We personally design each and every system we install to meet your requirements at the right price. No matter the size or shape of your server room, your custom-built AC system is guaranteed to run smoothly and efficiently, saving you more down the line in energy and maintenance fees.

Server rooms and data centers generate a tremendous amount of heat at all hours of the day. The AC systems for these rooms need to be able to maintain steady temperatures possibly for months or years on end. You can count on our refrigeration systems to run flawlessly for extended periods of time and with very low energy consumption. Your system will most likely be ammonia-based, which is actually much safer and environment-friendly than it sounds.

Designing the most efficient and effective cooling system for server rooms involves an in-depth knowledge of hot aisles, cold aisles, CO2 systems, and ammonium systems. Our technicians have the knowledge and experience to design and implement an eco-friendly and cost-effective cooling system.

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