Factories in need of proper Refrigeration

Many industries require the use of a proper cooling system. Some companies need items to be kept at a certain temperature with the use of a refrigeration system. 

Food factories, either for production or storage, require precise and accurate cooling. The entire refrigeration process can be jeopardized if there is improper cooling. Temperature is of of the most important parameters to ensure proper food safety and avoid possible microbiological contamination. The recommended type of refrigeration system depends on the type of industry, available space, and to some extent, your preference. We install both CO2 and ammonia refrigeration systems. Contact us and we will help you weigh your options and give you a free quote so you can make an informed decision that helps you get the services you need.

An example of an industry that depends on controlled temperature is the cheese industry. There are 126 cheese factories throughout the state of Wisconsin. Wisconsin is known for its cheese, producing more than 2 billion pounds of it each year. The aging process of cheese needs to be done in a temperature-controlled room, allowing it to age correctly and not spoil. Since this process can take months, it is crucial to have a refrigeration system that is both efficient and reliable to ensure cheese quality. If the refrigeration system fails, the aging process stops and can negatively impact the company’s profit.

  • Improved cheese quality
  • Less contamination of bacteria
  • More desirable flavor


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