Industrial Cold Storage System

Discovery Designs Refrigeration designs, constructs and installs highly efficient refrigeration systems for industrial facilities.

What is industrial cold storage?

According the Wall Street Journal, 2020 saw over 3.3 million square feet of refrigerated warehouse space, up over 1000% from the year prior. Cold storage helps a variety of industries, many of which are related to food, enhance their ability to warehouse and deliver heat sensitive product to their clients and business partners.

How much does a cold storage warehouse cost?

Construction costs can vary as much as 300% depending on the choices of your contractor.  We’ll work with you to figure out your best solutions and get transparent pricing.

Are cold storages profitable?

Typically yes. Most all of our clients exploring cold storage opportunities has explored the financial opportunity already.

What are the types of cold storage warehouses and facilities?

  • Multiple Refrigerated Containers
  • Blast Freezers
  • Cold Rooms
  • Custom Cold Storage Solutions

How cold do Blast Freezers get?

-14 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) to -184 degrees Fahrenheit (-120 degrees Celsius)

How cold should cold storage for food be?

According to the Minnesota Department of Health freezers should be 0 degrees Fahrenheit and refrigerators should be 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Where does DDREF provide cold storage solutions?

We are based in Wisconsin but help clients in need of design build services throughout the United States.

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