Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Nationwide Installation of Industrial Refrigeration Systems

Design, construction and installation of refrigeration systems is an enormous undertaking. You need a true authority in industrial refrigeration systems to install cost-effective, cutting edge and reliable refrigeration systems to keep the product at the proper temperature around the clock.

  1.   Meticulous design & installation
  2.   Precision temperature control
  3.   Uninterrupted high performance
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Professional installation crews at Discovery Designs Refrigeration perform intelligent installation of the following components of complete ammonia and CO2 industrial refrigeration systems:

Compare ammonia refrigerant systems & CO2 refrigerant systems.

There is no cookie-cutter design for industrial refrigeration systems. In over 20 years of servicing the Midwest and beyond, we have never built the same refrigeration system twice. The system you need depends entirely on your facility.

Designers from Discovery Designs Refrigeration understand you need seasoned, creative, and cost-conscious solutions. We have the expertise to install effective chillers, cold storage, and blast chilling at a low price to optimize the efficiency of your operation.

Major food processing and manufacturing plants, bulk refrigerated goods distributors and pharmaceutical companies around North American trust Discovery Designs Refrigeration to install highly-effective and reliable custom industrial refrigeration systems.

Industrial refrigeration system with chillers

Premier Refrigeration Services in Wisconsin and Beyond

For over 20 years, Discovery Designs Refrigeration has performed comprehensive industrial refrigeration services across the Midwest, including in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan. 

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Stop wasting time and money contracting fringe service providers who have never seen anything like your custom refrigeration system. When you work with Discovery Designs Refrigeration, you get experts who know each individual component of your unit and understand the system backward and forwards.

Contact industrial refrigeration specialists at Discovery Designs Refrigeration for installation of custom industrial refrigeration systems.

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