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Ammonia Chiller

Ammonia Chiller Systems from Discovery Designs Refrigeration

When you need a highly efficient refrigeration system which is both powerful and environmentally friendly, industrial ammonia refrigeration systems are the best in the industry. Ammonia chillers are considered by industry experts to be the best refrigerators for food preservation, which is why ammonia refrigerant is often used for large, industrial-sized refrigeration systems. It offers energy efficiency in large cool storage equipment, and it utilizes smaller pipes for heat transfer and lower material prices.

Ammonia gas has unmatched thermodynamic properties which make it ideal for long-term, energy efficient food storage. Even with all the new developments in refrigeration coolants and equipment, ammonia has remained to be one of the most trusted refrigerants for many years.

The Experts at DDref Understand Ammonia Refrigeration

Discovery Designs Refrigeration have a team of expert technicians with over 20 years of experience designing and installing refrigeration systems for all types of industries. We understand industrial refrigeration, and we know exactly how to design, construct and install ammonia chillers in a seamless, cost-effective operation. No matter how big or small your cool storage system needs to be, DDref handles the job.

With our expert installation services, you get a refrigeration system custom fit to your facility and inventory. DDref gets the job done well—on schedule, and on budget.

Don’t compromise on your refrigeration system—check out our services and discover why we are the best refrigeration technicians in Wisconsin and the upper Midwest.

Contact the ammonia refrigeration system specialists at Discovery Designs Refrigeration for more information on our services.
Ammonia Chiller in Industrial Refrigeration System