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Refrigeration Pipefitting Assembly

Wisconsin Refrigeration Pipefitting Services

When it comes to installing industrial cold storage systems, proper care must be taken when it comes to pipefitting. It takes a knowledgeable refrigeration specialist to ensure that all components are installed properly, everything is in good working condition, and that your system is compliant with all of the latest safety standards. 

Refrigeration pipefitters require extensive training, must constantly stay up to date with all of the latest components and techniques, and must be able to work with high pressure systems on a daily basis. The photo above shows some custom pipefitting by Discovery Designs Refrigeration LLC.  Our refrigeration experts work hard to offer Wisconsin residents innovative, effective, and efficient industrial refrigeration systems on the market. 

Pipefitting for Ammonia Freezer Systems

Both ammonia and CO2 industrial refrigeration systems have different requirements when it comes to pipefitting. This is due to differences in pressure, system requirements, and many other factors as well.  Our experts custom design, build, and install custom industrial refrigeration systems for Wisconsin restaurants, hospitals, grocery stores, and more! We are your premier source for all of your industrial refrigeration needs, and we take pleasure in providing all of our clients with the best service possible.

Milwaukee Industrial Refrigeration Design

We understand that an industrial refrigeration system is a substantial investment, and we want to hand-tailor a system that is perfect for you. We work with you individually to take a look at your budget, system requirements, space limitations, and more in order to give you the perfect system for whatever your cold storage purposes may be.

For more information on what Discovery Designs Refrigeration LLC can do for you, feel free to contact one of our refrigeration specialists today!



Refrigeration Pipefitting Assembly Wisconsin