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Screw Compressor for Industrial Ammonia Refrigeration

Refrigeration compressors are large, mechanical units which form the heart of industrial cooling systems.

A Compressor’s Role in an Ammonia Cooling System

Screw compressors are often used in industrial ammonia refrigeration systems to heat up the vaporized refrigerant and increase its pressure so it can move throughout the entire system quickly and easily after being cooled down by the condenser.

Compressors are crucial components in any refrigeration system, and the larger the system, the more powerful the compressor needs to be.

Generating High Power and Low Maintenance

Screw compressors in particular can produce high pressure refrigerant with a small quantity of gas, as well as consume less power than other types of compressors. They are generally low maintenance, and are key to minimizing the cost of keeping your product inventories at a precise temperature.

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Screw Compressor for Industrial Refrigeration System