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Industrial Refrigeration Pumps

The Best Refrigeration Pumps from Discovery Designs Refrigeration

Canned motor pumps are ideal for pumping refrigerants in industrial-sized cold storage units. Their sealless construction and simple compact design allow companies like DDRef to install them easily and affordably for all our refrigeration systems. Our manufacturer’s high-quality pumps include benefits such as:

Industrial refrigeration pumps can be mounted either horizontally or vertically without a base, and the professionals at Discovery Designs Refrigeration can install them into your new construction. Contact our professional designers today to learn more about our industrial refrigeration pump manufacturers.

  1.   Meticulous design & installation
  2.   Precision temperature control
  3.   Uninterrupted high performance
Ammonia chiller contractor

Industrial Cold Storage Systems by the Best in Wisconsin

Discovery Designs Refrigeration builds customized ammonia and CO2 industrial cold storage units for businesses all over the country. We design, construct and install cold storage units for companies like yours all over the United States, and we maintain our high standards of excellence using only the best manufacturers of canned motor pumps.

When designing your industrial refrigeration system, you want to use only the best builders and installation professionals – Discovery Designs Refrigeration is here for you to create the best cold storage unit for your business. For over 20 years, our custom industrial refrigeration designs have provided industries all over the country with the very best – contact DDRef today to get a quote for our services.

Contact the ammonia refrigeration professionals at DDRef today to get a quote on our custom refrigeration designs.


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