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Industrial Relief Valves

The Best Valve Manufacturers from Discovery Designs Refrigeration 

When working with refrigeration units which use liquid refrigerants such as Freon or ammonia, a pressure relief valve is a necessary component. These valves are used in both regular and industrial refrigeration systems to prevent pressure from building up too much due to excessive heat, and are often built with high-pressure settings to prevent breakage.

At Discovery Designs Refrigeration, we use only the best high-pressure relief valve manufacturers for our industrial refrigeration systems. You can rest assured your new industrial cold storage unit will operate perfectly when you work with us – call our team of professional refrigerator builders today to get a quote on your next project.

  1.   Meticulous design & installation
  2.   Precision temperature control
  3.   Uninterrupted high performance
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Expert Manufacturers of Industrial Refrigeration Valves

The valves we use in our industrial refrigeration systems need to perform with the highest reliability within demanding environments, and Discovery Designs Refrigeration uses only the most trusted manufacturers in the country. Companies like Danfoss, Cyrus Shank and Hantemp Controls build high-quality relief valves for industrial refrigeration applications. 

In addition to relief valves, we use a wide range of components for industrial cold storage systems, including:

When you need an industrial refrigeration system designed, constructed and installed with the best-manufactured components made by a team of professionals, Discovery Designs Refrigeration is the company for you. Give us a call today to get a quote on your next project.

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Discovery Designs Refrigeration LLC trusts these leading manufacturers of industrial relief valves:

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