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Industrial Refrigeration Lubricants

Professional Manufacturers for Industrial Fluids and GreasesIndustrial Refrigeration Lubricants

In order to keep machinery and industrial refrigeration equipment running smoothly on a regular basis, companies like Discovery Designs use lubricants like grease and base oils in the machinery. Our team of experts constructs both ammonia and CO2 refrigeration systems, and both types of cold storage units need the best low-soluble base oil to help increase performance and save on the cost of energy.

If you’re looking for the best builders of high-quality industrial refrigeration facilities, you need a team of contractors who use world-leading manufacturers for all our equipment and building needs. Get in touch with the professionals at Discovery Designs Refrigeration today learn more about our industrial cold storage unit designs.

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The Purest Base Oils for Industrial Refrigeration

Discovery Designs Refrigeration uses the highest quality base oils from Petro-Canada and other manufacturers to keep our machinery and equipment functioning properly. Their specialty base oils, process oils, white oils, and mud base fluids are considered some of the purest in the world, and they are used in every type of equipment throughout a wide variety of industries.

If you want to only the best, most high-quality base oils for your next industrial refrigeration building project, call Discovery Designs today to get a quote on our cold storage facility building services.

Contact the custom industrial refrigeration designers at DDRef today to get a quote on your next project.

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