Thermosiphon Receiver

Understanding How Thermosiphon Oil Cooling Works

Thermosiphon oil cooling uses refrigerant condensate as a passive cooling agent. Compressing a refrigerant gas creates heat which must be removed from the refrigeration system. The heat is transferred a few different ways:

  • Transferred to the refrigerant and out into the atmosphere through the condenser
  • Some heat transferred to the space in the refrigerating system
  • The rest is transferred to the oil, must be removed by other means

Thermosiphon cooling passively cools utilizing a refrigerant condensate and a piping system transferring heat between a heat exchanger and high-pressure receiver.

Horizontal and Vertical Thermosiphon Systems Save on Energy Costs

Thermosiphon oil cooling systems use pressure and gravity to transfer gases and liquids and expel heat into the atmosphere. Because thermosiphon cooling systems uses hydraulics in favor of pumps or any other energy consuming components, they are more energy efficient and give you greater long-term efficiency.

Perfect Heat Transfer in Thermosiphon Systems Require Thorough Calculation

Every bit of waste in your refrigerating system affects the dollars and cents on your bottom line. Implementing a thermosiphon system in your industrial refrigeration system is more than throwing together some piping.

The most important variables determining the effectiveness of your refrigeration include the amount of coolant in the system, pipe diameter and elevation of the receiver. Controlling the velocity of vapors through your piping is crucial to perfecting heat transfer and keeping the system flowing smoothly without any stall.

Controlling the transfer of heat between the evaporator and condenser is absolutely crucial to maintaining precise temperatures.

Industrial Refrigeration Systems Installers Ensure Impeccable Performance

Refrigeration systems professionals at Discovery Designs Refrigeration, LLC have the expertise to design and install thermosiphon systems in ammonia or CO2 refrigeration systems. Our deep knowledge of the principles of refrigeration systems allows us to create custom designs and make the absolute most of your space.

The price you're quoted is the price you pay. Trusting Discovery Designs Refrigeration, LLC with the installation of your custom refrigeration system is the best decision you can make for your business.

Contact industrial refrigeration specialists at Discovery Designs Refrigeration, LLC for a custom designed ammonia or carbon dioxide refrigeration system.
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