Storage Facilities & Warehouse Cold Storage Systems

DDREF keeps up with new refrigeration technology to implement into warehouses and storage facilities across the United States. Being able to transport perishable foods from one side of the country to the other all begins with having reliable refrigerated warehousing. Without it, the entire cold chain will not be possible.

Refrigerated warehouses are used to store goods that can only be stored at certain temperatures to keep them fresh. It helps maintain food from rotting and being infested with bacteria and insects. Foods that are no longer alive like meat and fish, produce like fruits and vegetables, and products like tobacco and alcohol all benefit from storage at a controlled temperature

Who benefits from cold storage / temperature-controlled warehouses?

1) Food wholesalers and distributors use cold storage warehousing to store groceries before transporting them to grocery stores. (Meat, vegetables, fruits, dairy products)

2) Dairy farms and agricultural farms need temperature-controlled storage to maintain their dairy and produce from spoiling. (Milk, cheese, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.)

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